Alopecia portraits

Alopecia is a subject close to my heart and I’m a member of several private social media hairloss groups. This series of illustrations is trying to express the physical and emotional toll that we go through as alopecia sufferers. The naked bodies in this series represents our acute sense of vulnerability. The hair represents those incredible tidal waves of longing, loss and desire. These illustrations are inspired by the lovely ladies in those groups when I asked them to give me single words to express how hairloss makes them feel. Here are just a few: Disfigured, ashamed, exposed, vulnerable. The list goes on and on 😔. But there are hair solutions out there, and when you find one that works? Then you hear words like: Empowered, sexy, reborn, strong. So yes Alopecia hurts a great deal. But it can also empower. ❤️

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