Pain-Free Horse Riding

The Brief

To produce 17 illustrations ranging from riders on horses through to the psoas muscle inside the human body.
To create clean black outline illustrations for the horses.
To create easy to understand exterior body and internal skeleton and organ illustrations, using a minimal colour palette. Add humour where appropriate!
All created digitally, full colour, high res images suitable for the web and for print.

First published 2018 - Lotus Publishing UK - North Atlantic Books California
“There are plenty of books about exercises for riders to increase their strength and flexibility and improve their riding. There are also plenty of books about pain and how to help it. This is the first book to join the two, speaking the language of both rider and pain sufferer, and acknowledges the necessity of continuing to care for your horse, even when one of your legs has gone numb and you can't stand up straight. Whether you are a professional competitor or someone who has just bought their first horse to love, the information and advice in this book is equally relevant. Pain is not discriminatory and so this book should literally be read by anybody who is involved with riding or caring for horses in any way. “

Author Nikki Robinson 2018

"Nikki's treatment has really changed my life. The advice that she gives in this book will help you to work with your body and to enjoy riding your horse without pain."

Sarah - Duchess of York

Example of psoas muscles, pelvic floor and structural body illustrations - Author Nikki Robinson
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    I worked with Gabrielle on my book, Pain-free Horse Riding. She was very professional, seeming to read my mind to produce the images that I needed. I am planning my next book and am very pleased to be working with her again.
    Nikki Robinson - Pain Free Horse Riding

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