How to Feel Beautiful

by author Lizi Jackson-Barrett

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"Why do so many women spend their entire life trying to change how they look?

Is it possible to feel beautiful exactly the way you are, whilst living in a world that tries to make you believe you’re never good enough?"

The first time Lizi Jackson-Barrett was told she was not beautiful she was eleven years old. That was the start of three decades of trying to change her appearance, never quite feeling “enough”. Until, at forty, Lizi developed alopecia, lost all her hair, and finally learned what it means to feel truly beautiful exactly the way she is.

In How to Feel Beautiful Lizi takes you by the hand and guides you through your own journey of self-acceptance and love. By the final page you will have experienced a powerful transformation: you’ll have learned the secret to feeling beautiful, without needing to change a thing about the way you look.

Digital illustrations using Procreate. Sample illustrations below.

Woman jumping, lady laughing on chairs, young woman crying, old lady on yoga
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    Gabrielle created illustrations for my book "How To Feel Beautiful" and I am so glad she did! I gave her very rough ideas of how I imagined each picture might look, and every single one exceeded my expectations. The delicate, beautiful style of the images was perfect for the theme of the book, and Gabrielle's artistic interpretation of my ideas blew me away. My book is so much richer for her contribution and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for anyone looking for a truly talented illustrator.
    Lizi Jackson-Barrett - How to Feel Beautiful

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