WIBN Charity Cookbook

With recipes by the members of the Women in Business Network

Roast chicken, fish and prawn illustration
Soup bowl and saucepan illustrations
Cheesecake, biscuits and flapjacks illustration

Charities are being hit particularly hard at the moment due to the current Pandemic, so Ruth Rood and Nicola Shubrook have been busy working to produce a fabulous WIBN Charity Cookbook.

This wonderful cookbook contains recipes donated by WIBN members in order to raise funds for five local charities: Brainwave, Transitions UK, Streets2Homes, First Step and Haven House Children's Hospice.

Each cookbook costs just £5.45 (45p is the merchant fees) and so £1 from every cookbook sold will go to each of the five charities. There are over 30 recipes included and they are all home-cooking, store-cupboard based recipes.

I'm delighted to have contributed to this book by creating some delicious illustrations, food is so fun to draw!

If you would like to get a copy of this electronic recipe book it is ready to download below. Thank you for your support!

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